I’m interested in data, Earth Observation, statistical learning, evolution, biological and theoretical physics, machine learning, food science, and more specifically looking to further explore geospatial analysis, decision support, and adaptive learning.

I am currently employed at Shopify as a Data Scientist, having a blast being part of People Analytics. I previously worked for the Canadian Space Agency, Environment and Climate Change Canada, and the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat. Before that, I spent many years playing music and tending bar.

In my free time, I enjoy reading (mostly sci-fi), Crossfit, conversation, cycling, musical exploration, and anything food-related — from amazing cocktails, weird DIY pickles, to making the perfect pork shoulder. I share this passion with my wife, who runs a wonderful blog chronicling her culinary experiences. People I look up to include Frank Zappa, Richard Feynman, J.K. Rowling, Peter Norvig, and Geoffrey Hinton.

You can take a look at my résumé (now 3 years out of date 😞) by clicking here.